Sci-tech The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Switch Version Delayed
Author: 0 The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Switch Version Delayed

Their reasoning for the late announcement was, unfortunately, "due to issues way beyond our control". "For those of you who have pre-ordered already you may have noticed your order shifted date", the post reads. We will update you about this when we learn more . As recently the Developer of The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth + said this . However, Nicalis did confirm that the game would be released later in March for the Nintendo Switch.

Author: 0 Annual Manatee Count Breaks Record in Florida

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated that this year, 15 observers managed to count a massive number of manatees, being helped by the sunny weather. The reclassification to threatened status would still leave a number of protections in place for manatees, but it could also ultimately lead to an easing of boating restrictions meant to protect the creatures.

Author: 0 John Oliver Breaks Down President Trump's 'Weird, Noticeably Soft Spot' For Russia

On Monday, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov told NBC that Russian Federation has been so far greatly disturbed by the chaotic commencement of the Trump administration. Russian Federation worries that Trump won't be able to follow through on his pledge to forge a stronger bond with Russian Federation because of political opposition at home.

Sci-tech Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pens manifesto to beat fake news
Author: 0 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pens manifesto to beat fake news

Obviously these are all tough challenges to tackle, but Zuckerberg noted that Facebook's work on artificial intelligence could make a difference. "This is technically hard as it requires building AI that can read and understand news, but we need to work on this to help fight terrorism worldwide".

Author: 0 After 300 Beached Whales Died, Rescuers Raced To Save Hundreds More

An environmental group is helping out with floating the whales by keeping track from a spotter plane flying over the bay. "This is the third worst stranding that we've recorded in our history so it's a very large one". A pod of 17 whales refloated at Farewell Spit this morning now appear headed towards the safety of Cook Strait. "Another theory points to pilot whales' highly sociable behavior ― when one whale loses its way and strands, its pod mates may swim to its aid".

Sci-tech Inflation eases to 5-year low of 3.17% in January
Author: 0 Inflation eases to 5-year low of 3.17% in January

The minerals segment, however, saw the rate of inflation almost doubling in January to 25.4% from 12.9% in December. Consumer Food Price Inflation (CFPI) declined sharply to 0.53 per cent in January as against 6.85 per cent in January 2016 and 1.37 per cent last month.

Author: 0 The Tesla Model S P100D Just Smashed The 0-60mph Record

And with it, this latest version the P100D became the world's first production road vehicle to hit 60mph in under 2.3 seconds! The website does state, though, that the P100D does not hold its top spot for a long duration, as higher speeds hand the accelerative advantage to horsepower over instant torque, as offered by the Tesla's electric motors.

Author: 0 Dow & Nasdaq hit new record highs: ASX to open flat

The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.62% added 92 points, or 0.5%, to 20,149, hitting an intraday record of 20,157.5. The S&P 500 was up 5.34 points, or 0.23 percent, at 2,297.9 and the Nasdaq Composite was up 22.95 points, or 0.41 percent, at 5,686.51.

Author: 0 Farm Bureau Reacts to Former EPA Employees Call Not to Confirm Pruitt

Don Parrish, AFBF's senior director of congressional and regulatory relations told the Washington Post that he believes Pruitt's strengths lie in his past work in state agency. President Donald Trump briefly advocated abolishing the EPA while running for president, but backed off that position and later said he was in favor of keeping it.

Author: 0 Final Fantasy XV running on PC

While net sales for the Digital Entertainment segment (which includes console games) increased by 32.7 percent, operating income decreased by 5.8 percent. The " Final Fantasy XV " Magitek Exosuit DLC release date has been delayed a bit further. Months prior to that report, Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda said in an interview with Nikkei that the company was putting energy into esports prior to the 2015 Tokyo Game Show.

Author: 0 Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner stopped reversal of LGBT workplace protections

According to the report by Politico , Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who are married, have been past supporters of gay rights and lobbied for President Trump to issue a statement promising to uphold Obama's 2014 order. "But on this one, our base is wondering why Obama's executive order would be allowed to stand?" To that end, the White House put out a statement on Tuesday reaffirming its stance on protecting LGBT rights: "President Donald J.

Author: 0 Trump's Pick for Army Secretary Withdraws Name from Consideration

Mr Viola's decision to withdraw comes the same week another of Mr. Trump's appointees, Anthony Scaramucci, was told he could not get a top White House job amid concerns about the recent sale of his company to a large Chinese conglomerate. The tycoon has invited an unusual number of wealthy businessmen to join his administration despite the multiple conflicts of interest such appointments could potentially create.

Author: 0 Canadian chain Hudson Bay in talks to acquire Macy's

Both companies are no strangers to mergers. The company had a market cap of C$1.82 billion (US$1.40 billion) as of Thursday's close. Hudson's Bay could raise equity and debt against its real estate portfolio to fund the deal, according to the Wall Street Journal , which first reported the news.

Sci-tech DHS Secretary Says Parts Of Border Wall Will Be 'See Through'
Author: 0 DHS Secretary Says Parts Of Border Wall Will Be 'See Through'

While Mexico has repeatedly said it will not, House Republicans aren't buying it either. As for all the controversy and protest that has swirled around the construction of the wall, Kelly acknowledges, "Mr. A recently declassified threat assessment reveals that public safety officials believe ISIS and other terror organizations are using Mexico as a staging ground to launch attacks in the US similar to the deadly assaults in Europe in recent years.

Sci-tech Trump's secretary of state pick Tillerson clears Senate hurdle
Author: 0 Trump's secretary of state pick Tillerson clears Senate hurdle

The vote was 56-43, with Sen. Tillerson received the Order of Friendship from Putin in 2013 and was critical of sanctions levied on Russian Federation after the country annexed Crimea in 2014. Finally, the third Democratic senator who voted for Tillerson is Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. On Tuesday, more than 900 department employees submitted a so-called dissent memo criticizing the order, saying it would diminish good will toward Americans and didn't represent American ideals.

Sci-tech Upcoming Fallout 4 Update Patch Will Get PS4 Pro Support
Author: 0 Upcoming Fallout 4 Update Patch Will Get PS4 Pro Support

You could try it with something that's approaching those specs. Bethesda didn't go into detail about exactly what portions of Fallout 4's scenarios received the most touch-ups, but given the update's massive size, we're placing our bets on "everything".

Author: 0 Oscar-nominated director can't attend awards because of Trump ban: Iranian group

There have been claims circulating that Iranian director Asghar Farhadi reportedly "won't be let into" the us for the Oscars ceremony. Farhadi's film, The Salesman, is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, where it will compete against Denmark's Land of Mine , Sweden's A Man Called Ove , Australia's Tanna and Germany's Toni Erdmann .

Sci-tech Why Did Apple Patent A Vaporizer?
Author: 0 Why Did Apple Patent A Vaporizer?

Apple employee Tetsuya Ishikawa filed the patent, and chalks out the plans for a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber that heat up a substance to form a vapor. Whether the patent points to a fancy, Apple-stamped e-cigarette, or an olfactory device of sorts is hard to say. Some new technology has also made it possible for users to create holograms using vapor technology.

Sci-tech Halliburton (HAL) Q4 Earnings Beat Estimate, Misses Revenue
Author: 0 Halliburton (HAL) Q4 Earnings Beat Estimate, Misses Revenue

On the company's financial health, Halliburton Company reported $0.04 EPS for the quarter, beating the analyst consensus estimate by $ 0.02 according to the earnings call on Jan 23, 2017. Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) recently recorded -1.56 percent change and now at $22.14 is 82.56 percent away from its 52-week low and down -4.65 percent versus its peak.

Sci-tech USA court refuses to reconsider decision in Microsoft email case
Author: 0 USA court refuses to reconsider decision in Microsoft email case

A three-judge panel of the 2 Circuit had ruled that federal law, notably the Stored Communications Act , allows U.S. authorities to seize content on US-based servers, but not on overseas servers. Microsoft won a narrow victory in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals today, as the court split 4-4 on whether to rehear arguments from the Department of Justice about why it wants to access Microsoft customer data stored on servers in Ireland.

Sci-tech 'We Are Bringing Manufacturing Back to the United States Big League'
Author: 0 'We Are Bringing Manufacturing Back to the United States Big League'

He has since proposed 35 per cent tariffs on vehicles imported from Mexico into the U.S. "We didn't cut a deal with Trump ", he reportedly said . Another 5,000 new positions will be created at its auto financing arm and to develop advanced technology, electric and autonomous vehicles and information technology.

Author: 0 Three years running, Earth breaks heat record

The final frame represents global temperature anomalies averaged from 2012 through 2016 in degrees Celsius. Globally-averaged temperatures in 2016 were 1.78 degrees Fahrenheit (0.99 degrees Celsius) warmer that the mid-20th century. Residents of the town of Phalodi in India also experienced their hottest day on record last May - 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit. " We don't expect record years every year, but the ongoing long-term warming trend is clear ", said Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space ...

Sci-tech Tornado Touches Down in Mississippi, Warnings of 'Quarter Size Hail'
Author: 0 Tornado Touches Down in Mississippi, Warnings of 'Quarter Size Hail'

The university says its Hattiesburg campus is closed right now. Some people remain trapped in their houses, said Forrest County Emergency Management Director Glen Moore. Some students reporting minor injuries. "Arrangements will be made for students who can not go home". The National Weather Service in Jackson warned of hazardous weather Saturday in parts of southeast Arkansas, northeast Louisiana and in central, north central, northwest and west central Mississippi.

Sci-tech Google helped itself to best positions for its own ads
Author: 0 Google helped itself to best positions for its own ads

The ads that show up above Google search results are chosen according to an automated auction that the search engine conducts in a fraction of a second, according to the Journal . Once a connection is available again, Google will deliver the search results and users can pick up where they left off. Last year, the European Union accused Google of "abusing its dominant position" by "systematically" promoting its own products on search results, giving it an "unfair advantage" over its ...

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