Author: 0 Price Trends to Watch: Exxon Mobil Corporation's (XOM)

Moving to earnings estimates, for this current fiscal period, Wall Street analysts have projected that the company will post $0.71 earnings per share. The stock's price moved up its 200-day moving average of $15.02. Finally, BKS Advisors LLC purchased a new stake in shares of Exxon Mobil Corp. during the third quarter valued at approximately $142,000.

Author: 0 'Pokemon Go' Latest Update Might Add Genders To the Game

The update that came out was 0.53.1 for Android and 1.23.1 for iOS versions of " Pokemon Go ". What's really incredible about the $950 million in profits is that Pokemon Go was launched during summer meaning that it was available only half a year.

Author: 0 Yooka-Laylee Has Local Multiplayer

You can either play with up to four friends in a collection of eight mini-games, or with one other friend in the campaign. The second player will also be able to stop environmental traps, to help protect the primary player. There's even a shooter, if you're into that sort of thing in a platformer, as welL AS " Kartos Karting ", which should help to scratch your Mario Kart 8 Deluxe itch until that game releases a few weeks later.

Hi-Tech Banks to shift over 1000 United Kingdom jobs
Author: 0 Banks to shift over 1000 United Kingdom jobs

While warnings by financial institutions that they will shift jobs away from London due to Brexit poses a risk the country's economy and commercial property markets, there was a call on Thursday to "take their threats with a dose of scepticism".

Author: 0 Samsung chief faces long day as S.Korean court weighs arrest warrant

A Seoul court will consider the arrest request on Wednesday, but Samsung said in a statement: "It is hard to understand the special prosecution's decision". Samsung's chief said he was forced to make those contributions to entities controlled by Choi, including K-Sports and the Mir foundation. Kim Kwang-sam, a former prosecutor who is now in private practice, said public emotion weighs heavily when making decisions in such high-profile cases.

Hi-Tech Sony Entertainment CEO to step down to focus on Snap
Author: 0 Sony Entertainment CEO to step down to focus on Snap

Hirai will take the title of chairman and co-CEO of Sony Entertainment during that time and will gain an office at the company's Culver City, Calif. Following threats of violence, the studio to shelve its opening. And we have not backed down. Under Lynton's watch, Sony released films such as Skyfall , The Social Network and American Hustle , as well as television series such as The Crown and Breaking Bad .

Hi-Tech Facebook Journalism Project Launched in Bid to Combat Spread of Fake News
Author: 0 Facebook Journalism Project Launched in Bid to Combat Spread of Fake News

On Wednesday the company announced a new umbrella for its initiatives, called the "Facebook Journalism Project," with three different parts. Members of the media will be updated on the efforts, which include training for journalists and ways to promote news literacy among users, on a new Facebook Journalism Project page.

Author: 0 Apple CEO Tim Cook gets pay cut after missing 2016 goals

That's well short of 2015, when Cook earned more than $10 million. Incentive payout targets versus where Apple fell in 2016. The iPhone 6s faced hard comparisons with its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which benefited from being the company's first new device available with operator China Mobile, Mr.

Hi-Tech After Two Years First Contact Has Been Made in Elite: Dangerous
Author: 0 After Two Years First Contact Has Been Made in Elite: Dangerous

Thargoids are reportedly, as per the earlier titles, a hostile faction, insectoid in nature. Elite: Dangerous is available on Mac, PC and Xbox One, and on the way to PS4. As he was drifting in space a massive organic shaped ship appeared, scanned his vessel and then jumped to hyperspace. Players are speculating that these might merely be scout ships, and that while the encounters are now peaceful they could be triggered into the violent behaviour they've exhibited in past Elite games .

Hi-Tech Spotify aren't buying SoundCloud, but Google might be
Author: 0 Spotify aren't buying SoundCloud, but Google might be

Music Business Worldwide is reporting that SoundCloud has lowered its asking price to $500 million, and the favorite to purchase the platform is none other than Google. Music Business Worldwide has reported that Google is now the latest company considering purchasing the Berlin based company. Google Play Music subscriber numbers are not known, but Spotify and Apple Music dominated the music streaming business a year ago as more players entered the arena including TIDAL and Amazon ...

Author: 0 Tesla issues Autopilot Software Update for 1000 Vehicles

The company had promised to deliver the said update in mid-December but bug fixes and improvements delayed the same. Moving forward with recent Hardware 2 models in October 2016, Tesla's original plan for "Enhanced Autopilot" (Autopilot 2.0) was to achieve autonomy somewhere between Level 3 to 4.

Hi-Tech Blizzard throwing 20th anniversary Diablopalooza
Author: 0 Blizzard throwing 20th anniversary Diablopalooza

For a game as iconic as Diablo celebrating a milestone like this, some of these in-game bonuses feel underwhelming. Stay tuned as we'll be sure to let you know when these events are slated to begin once Blizzard announces that information.

Author: 0 Korea Fair Trade Commission fines Qualcomm $854 mil.

KFTC alleged that Qualcomm abused its dominant market position and broke the country's competition laws by unfairly negotiating licenses with device makers and chip customers. In addition, it solicited testimony from industry participants including Apple, Intel, Nvidia, Ericsson, Mediatek and Huawei. Qualcomm has been in hot water before on its licensing practices.

Author: 0 Black Twitter reacts to Dylann Roof refusal to save his life

Roof , wearing a grey-and-white prison jumpsuit, mostly responded to the judge with yes or no answers, but, after confirming that he would be able to give an opening statement, Roof made a few legal requests with the help of his attorney during the trial, David Bruck.

Author: 0 The new Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker combines retro design with 32bit audio

With features including Bluetooth® Wireless Streaming Support and Samsung Smart Remote integration across the UHD Ecosystem, this HDR-optimised device creates the best UHD viewing experience. Meanwhile, the new MS750 Soundbar features a "one body" design with integrated subwoofer performance. The MS750 Soundbar boasts vertical tweeters and up-firing capabilities.

Hi-Tech Merry Christmas, and don't take offense
Author: 0 Merry Christmas, and don't take offense

There are those unlucky few who are unable to make it home for the holidays this year due to work or some prior commitments. As our thoughts move away from football this weekend and toward our family and friends, I want to take a moment to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas .

Author: 0 Google launching two smartwatches early 2017

According to The Verge , Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang recently confirmed that two new flagship smartwatches would run on the updated platform. When smartwatches were first launched the whole world went insane about them but as time went on, the demand rate started declining and because of that there are only two major manufacturers in this category, Google and Apple.

Hi-Tech Russian Hackers Tracked Ukrainian Artillery Units
Author: 0 Russian Hackers Tracked Ukrainian Artillery Units

Sherstuk's app has never been distributed through Google Play, meaning its users likely installed it manually after obtaining it from various sources. The GRU team who crack the DNC's network is dubbed Fancy Bear and a variant of this malware was used to attack an Android app developed by the Ukrainian army.

Hi-Tech Companies Pay Record Fines over Petrobras Scandal
Author: 0 Companies Pay Record Fines over Petrobras Scandal

Odebrecht, a key player in the Petrobras corruption scandal gripping Brazil, agreed to a fine of United States dollars 4.5 billion but said it was only able to pay USD 2.6 billion, the US Justice Department said in a statement. It is not clear whether USA prosecutors will be able to bring criminal charges against individual executives or employees implicated in the corruption, though they will likely face pressure to do so.

Hi-Tech Nintendo Switch Is The Easiest Console To Develop For, Says Patcher
Author: 0 Nintendo Switch Is The Easiest Console To Develop For, Says Patcher

Nintendo Switch has been found to be around 40 percent less capable when undocked compared to what its GPU performance is in the docked state. If you need more in-depth analysis of the proposed Nintendo Switch specs , check out DigitalFoundry 's video discussing all the latest spec rumors and let us know your thoughts on the power of the Switch in the comments section below.

Author: 0 Super Mario Run downloads hit 40 million in four days

Despite running into some bad press, Super Mario Run has so far stacked an impressive amount of downloads, cruising through the 40 million mark in just four days. Pokemon Go, which pushed Nintendo shares price more than doubled, depended on in-app purchases. The large number of downloads is not that surprising seeing that Apple has been heavily featuring the game in the App Store and on the Apple.com homepage.

Hi-Tech Apple starts selling refurbished Watches online
Author: 0 Apple starts selling refurbished Watches online

We'll update this story if we hear back or anything changes on Apple's front. There is no indication of exactly how many of each configuration Apple has available. Currently, the refurbished Apple Watch units will only be coming with Sport bands but you still have the option to select between the 38mm or 42mm models, stainless steel or aluminum cases.

Hi-Tech Biohazard - Beginning Hour demo arrived on PC today
Author: 0 Biohazard - Beginning Hour demo arrived on PC today

In a game like this, the fact that something comes out and kills you outright is all part of the horror experience. Powered by the RE Engine in tandem with industry leading audio and visual technologies, Resident Evil 7 is poised to deliver a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment.

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