Culture Drake First To Top 10 Billion Spotify Streams
Author: 0 Drake First To Top 10 Billion Spotify Streams

The 6 God took over the OVOSOUND Radio airwaves on Saturday (March 18) to debut the long-awaited More Life . This weekend Drake will be releasing his latest studio album, titled More Life . Pitchfork also reports that sources close to Amazon confirm the project will also be available on their service. "I'm off like mixtapes, I want to do a playlist".

Culture Rachel Maddow's Response To Being Called 'Sir' Was Absolutely Priceless
Author: 0 Rachel Maddow's Response To Being Called 'Sir' Was Absolutely Priceless

Some Trump supporters noted that the taxes were a credit to Trump's reputation, as it was speculated prior to the revelation that he wouldn't release taxes because he paid very little. Rachel Maddow is having quite the week. ABC and CBS evening news shows reported that Trump paid an effective tax rate of about 25 percent in 2005.

Culture New footage raises questions about police killing of Michael Brown
Author: 0 New footage raises questions about police killing of Michael Brown

Previously disclosed video footage shows Brown and store co-owner Andy Patel in an altercation at the door before Brown left. Multiple arrests have been made after shots were fired at protests in Ferguson which erupted after a new video disputed police statements about the shooting of Michael Brown.

Culture The Big Bang Theory
Author: 0 The Big Bang Theory

According to Deadline , the pilot for Young Sheldon will be directed by none other than Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Jungle Book) with TBBT co-creator Chuck Lorre and current showrunner Steven Molaro given the creator credit. As the title suggests, Young Sheldon will tell the story of Sheldon Cooper's oddball childhood. Barber is reportedly playing Sheldon's father, Revord his twin sister, and Jordan his older brother.

Culture Colton Haynes Engaged to Boyfriend Jeff Leatham: See the Romantic Pic!
Author: 0 Colton Haynes Engaged to Boyfriend Jeff Leatham: See the Romantic Pic!

Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes announced this week that he was engaged to boyfriend and celebrity florist Jeff Leatham. Unclear if Cher beamed in and did it live - either way. "This is gonna be the best thing ever, and you have to call me to tell me how it worked out". The proposal went down on Saturday night along the shore at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos, Mexico, according to E! Two days before his engagement, Haynes shared a shot of himself enjoying the view at his sunny vacay ...

Author: 0 Turkey seals off Dutch embassy - foreign ministry sources

In remarks made during a live television interview on CNN Turk, Cavusoglu said: "If the Netherlands cancels my flight, we will impose severe sanctions on them that will affect it economically and politically". Mr Erdogan told the crowd back in Turkey: 'You can stop our foreign minister's plane all you want, let's see how your planes will come to Turkey from now on, ' Mr Erdogan told booing crowds.

Culture USA Network's Unsolved pilot casts its Biggie and Tupac
Author: 0 USA Network's Unsolved pilot casts its Biggie and Tupac

Up-and-coming actors Marcc Rose and Wavyy Jonez will play 'Pac and Biggie, respectively, in the series, according to Deadline . The actor reprises his role from the 2015 hit film Straight Outta Compton, in which he made his acting debut.

Culture One step closer to equal marriage in Northern Ireland
Author: 0 One step closer to equal marriage in Northern Ireland

If the two parties cannot resolve their differences and form an administration within three weeks, the assembly's executive could be suspended and the province fully governed from London. I'll meet with my full Assembly team tomorrow morning and talk to a lot of my other colleagues as well. The vote was called to resolve a political stalemate between historical rivals DUP and Sinn Fein, who will now have to begin negotiations to govern together under a power-sharing agreement struck to bring ...

Culture Logan Director James Mangold on Cut Tragic Flashback Scene
Author: 0 Logan Director James Mangold on Cut Tragic Flashback Scene

When it comes to comparing his best appearances, many fans may argue about where each one ranks. As the movie progresses, it is shown that X-24 kills Logan and the regeneration of Logan defies him further bounding him to death. Sure, the X-Men film series has had its ups and down over the years, with X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Origins: Wolverine being low points, but the one thing that was always flawless about them was Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine .

Author: 0 "Logan" movie expected to rake in the cash this weekend

Considering the complex and downright confusing timeline involved in the X-Men franchise, this week's Entertainment Weekly: The Show spells out how Jackman's iconic character fits in. "I've never felt a movie to be more personal". Jackman said that this decision happens during a phone call from his long time friend. So technically any X-Men film set in the present day or earlier will still be headed towards the events of Logan , perhaps putting the kibosh on certain ideas.

Author: 0 Hugh Jackman Got Emotional on 'Logan' Set

Hugh said, "I think I'll be fine with it". "I was anxious it was getting limited for me, and directors I wanted to work with were not so interested" in hiring him for non-superhero acting roles, Jackman says, though his fears were quelled when Woody Allen and Darren Aronofsky approached him - for Scoop and The Fountain respectively - and not the other way around.

Author: 0 For sale: BMW occupied by Tupac when he was killed

The vehicle that Tupac Shakur was infamously shot inside is now being sold for $1.5 million. The listing doesn't offer details on the car's history in the years since Shakur's killing. He eventually died six days later on September 13. The gun used to kill the Beatles star remains in police custody, as does the gun Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain used to kill himself in 1994.

Author: 0 Mixed Reality App Simulation in Windows 10 Creator Update Build 15042

The latest bug Bash, held in February, was aimed at assessing what is thought to be a feature-complete version of the Creators Update that will make its way to production users - and Microsoft has provided a behind-the-scenes look into how Bug Bashes are organized and managed.

Author: 0 Best Actress Nominee Natalie Portman won't attend Oscars

The actress is now expecting her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied, with the couple already having son Aleph. Portman was nominated for both award for her starring role in Jackie. Her other nominations were for Black Swan in 2010 and for Closer in 2004. The actress canceled her coming to the Oscars . La La Land's Emma Stone is widely predicted to win best actress Sunday.

Author: 0 Glastonbury 2017: Are Foo Fighters about to play secret gig?

Considering the location of Somerset - is this all an incredibly elaborate ploy for a Glastonbury headline announcement? The Foo Fighters made a huge announcement during today's livestream of a secret club show from Frome, England: They're headlining Saturday night at Glastonbury 2017.

Author: 0 Fair Work decision good or bad?

Full- and part-time hospitality workers will have their Sunday rates reduced from 175 to 150 percent; for fast food workers, it will drop from 150 to 125 percent; in retail, it will drop from 200 to 150 percent for full- and part-time workers, from 200 to 175 percent for casuals.

Author: 0 Angelina Jolie Lines Up 'Maleficent 2', New Acting and Directing Projects

The last time that fans saw the actress on the big screen was in the 2015 movie " By the Sea " where she starred alongside her now estranged husband Brad Pitt. The former Hollywood couple shares six children namely twins Vivienne and Knox , Shiloh , Zahara , Pax and Maddox . "We will always be a family, always".

Culture Country star Eric Church cancels 25K tickets bought by scalpers
Author: 0 Country star Eric Church cancels 25K tickets bought by scalpers

Church's new tour is among the top 10 global tours with ticket prices averaging $60.67, according to Pollstar. Contact Ticketmaster to find out the status of your tickets. "Fans would have a strong case for contesting charges with their credit card company if they paid for something that the scalper didn't deliver". "All of this is fraud".

Author: 0 Mariah Carey Makes Massive Confirmation About Her Relationship Status

I just don't feel comfortable talking about my personal life. Since splitting from Packer, she has been on vacation with the dancer and he has been regularly featured on her docu-series Mariah's World . NY Daily News relayed Cannon's candid words to Stern on the subject. How can we forget the romance shown between the two on her reality show Mariah's World .

Culture The Great Wall's reviews are... not so great
Author: 0 The Great Wall's reviews are... not so great

William and his colleague Pero ( Pedro Pascal -Oberyn Martell in Game Of Thrones ) are taken prisoner by the Chinese and imprisoned inside the Great Wall, but when their fighting skills are recognised, they are released to help overcome the ferocious Taotie.

Author: 0 North Korean man arrested in Kim Jong Nam's death

His arrest follows the detention during the week of two females and another male suspect. The report also said that Siti Aisyah was tasked with using a handkerchief to cover Jong-nam's face while Doan administered an injection. Kim Jong-nam's mother was Kim Jong-il's first wife Song Hye-rim, one of at least three women the former leader had children with. South Korea's intelligence agency told lawmakers in Seoul that Kim had been living with his second wife in the Chinese territory of ...

Author: 0 Jets star Revis turns himself over to police

However, Watt told the police he did not know if the unidentified guy or Revis knocked out Cousins and Jarivs. Yikes! Darrelle Revis turned himself in to a Pittsburgh municipal courthouse February 17, after an arrest warrant issued in connection with an alleged street fight that left two men unconscious.

Author: 0 Darrelle Revis Turns Himself in to Police After Alleged Pittsburgh Altercation

He was hit February 16 with aggravated assault, robbery, terrorist threats and conspiracy charges after being involved in scary street fight. Two men told police they were punched by Revis after a verbal confrontation. Unfortunately for Revis, the implication that he punched out two men on the street won't add any points if teams are wondering whether he is physical enough to extend his career as a safety.

Culture Roman Polanski Wants Back in US To Settle Child Rape Case
Author: 0 Roman Polanski Wants Back in US To Settle Child Rape Case

If there is a deal, Polanski could travel to Los Angeles and appear before a court without fearing arrest, Braun said in a letter to a court dealing with the director's case. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric study at the state prison in Chino, where he served 42 days. The Polish Supreme Court also dismissed the USA order and declared that he had served his time under the plea deal.

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