Who's moron here? Trump teases Tillerson over IQ


The president made the comments in an interview with Forbes, for a story published Tuesday.

President Donald Trump has dismissed reports that Rex Tillerson once called him a "moron" - but just to make it clear that he's smarter than his secretary of state he has suggested taking IQ tests to prove it. "I think it's fake news", Mr Trump said.

Later, the State Department said Tillerson never used "that type of language". "Yet I say of Tillerson, 'god I hope he doesn't leave.' We do know he had the courage to call this guy out as a moron and we do know at least he has instincts more in line with a sobriety than who knows the next person the president could bring in".

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He produced two sets of IQ test results, one for Tillerson and one for Trump.

Naming former President Clinton's experience as a Rhodes Scholar, Jimmy Carter's work as a nuclear engineer and George H.W. Bush's time as a military pilot, Brown told us, "Each could have encountered standardized academic tests (LSAT, GMAT, Miller Analogies), where qualifying scores would have propelled them into Mensa".

Both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were reportedly furious about the report.

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"He was wasting his time", Trump said.

But, despite trashing his secretary of state's traditional approach to diplomacy ("we can talk to them") with Twitter-threats of nuclear annihilation, Trump insists his style is bolstering the White House team.

The New York Times writer was on to discuss North Korea's impact on worldwide diplomacy, though the conversation eventually moved on to Trump's feud with Bob Corker. "I think I'm actually strengthening authority".

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