Advice for protecting your home | Fire Prevention Week


The state Fire Marshal's Office is joining with agencies, safety advocates and the National Fire Protection Association for the week, October 8-14. It is therefore essential that every home have a home fire escape plan so that everyone in the home knows what to do when there is a fire.

Among the practical tips included is the recommended installation of Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupters (AFCIs), which are devices that can prevent more than 50% of the home electrical fires that occur in the US each year. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reminds us that every second counts in a fire and that can mean the difference between having a life end in tragedy and escaping safely.

"[Some] common causes we find when responding to fire alarms on campus, is smoke from cooking, vaping, steam from a shower or using aerosol products too close to smoke detectors", McEvoy said in the email. Additionally, it's important to practice those plans to make sure they can be accomplished in two minutes or less. "The goal of Fire Prevention Week is to educated the public on the importance of fire safety education".

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It is Fire Prevention Week, so local firefighters are out making sure the community knows how to stay safe, teaching lessons to some very young students. And when it comes to preventing fires on campus, she said it boils down to one simple thing.

-Practice your home fire drill twice a year.

"We will have our apparatus on display, we'll have games for the kids, we'll have Sparky the Fire Dog", he said.

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Oscar Ortega lives with his wife and four children next to a home that caught on fire back in August. Newer homes are built with lightweight materials that burn faster than older home constructions.

This will be done at no cost to residents, including if a smoke detector is installed or replaced in the home.

Thank you for publishing this letter to help increase safety from fire.

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People who have homes with more than one floor are encouraged to have fire ladders for the rooms upstairs.