A Visionary Director's 'Blade Runner 2049'


It's one of the most buzzed about movies of the year, yet the plot line is top secret.

For his sequel, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (on a roll after Prisoners, Sciario and Arrival) has gone straight to the Director's Cut. What ensued was much more laughing, drinking, Gosling going to help the cameramen shoot the interview, and Ford exclaiming, "Show me the money!"

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The original Blade Runner was set in the then distant year of 2019, a future where there are off-world colonies, and work is carried out by synthetic humans called replicants. It is slow and quiet and indulgent, far more than any other film costing this kind of money and not directed by Christopher Nolan would be allowed to be. The final product is a blend of modern sounds and vintage synthesizers, paying tribute to Vangelis' original (brilliant) compositions while also breaking new ground. For them it will be like looking at very handsome paint dry. The replicants here know this feeling. It created a visual language for a kind of seedy, cosmopolitan, post-industrial, dystopian future which has become nearly clichéd through its subsequent use in films ranging from Akira to The Matrix. You wonder if you really need Harrison Ford at all. Harrison Ford has basically built his modern-day career around revisiting his most iconic roles; while he doesn't make as strong an impression here as he did in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it's a solid and layered performance in a compelling new chapter of Rick Deckard's story. This time though he's back with dignity, though at times Deckard seems like an onlooker.

"I appreciate your candor", Gosling said as he burst into laughter. I'm not sure how much substance there is beneath the surface. "The first question we asked ourselves was, 'How can we reinvent and make it fresh and new, but still be in that world?' The mission from the beginning was this idea of finding the heart of the film - what is its soul?"

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Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel thirty-five years in the making, and by all accounts, is a modern classic, so if fans have to bide their time for a few extra years while another sequel organically gestates, so be it.

"At the beginning, I was frightened to the core". However, those individuals might understandably find themselves a little bit disappointed to discover that no - Blade Runner 2049 has no mid or post-credits stingers.

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