Funding for Iowa children's health insurance program at risk


"It is extremely disheartening that members of the U.S. Congress could not get their acts together to extend funding for CHIP, which provides low-priced health, prescription, vision, and dental care to children from working families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid", he said.

However, Department of Human Services spokeswoman Kait Gillis said in an email that CHIP will be able to continue without disruption in Pennsylvania until February 2018.

Technically the money doesn't run out on October first - but there is now no vote scheduled to restore the $15 billion in funding for at minimum a week, according to the Los Angeles Times, and most states will have few budget dollars left to keep a program going that has nearly eliminated uninsuranced kids in this country. Toomey cited a finding by the Congressional Research Service that found since 2009 $42 billion, originally allocated by Congress for health insurance for children, but unspent, had been redirected to be be used on unrelated programs through the appropriations process. "That gives plenty of time for Congress to come back and determine how they're going to change the program".

[CHIP] was instrumental in lowering the percentage of children who were uninsured from almost 14 percent when it started to 4.5 percent in 2015.

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In Idaho, CHIP was funded 80 percent by the federal government and 20 percent by the state until the passage of the ACA, which added another 23 percentage points to the federal matching rate. "We urge Congress, and our own federal delegation, not to delay funding this essential and successful program".

It actually took a bit of political gamesmanship to get the program restored over the opposition of GOP leadership and the lack of support from Gov. Doug Ducey.

The Children's Health Insurance Program, which was created in 1997 and passed with bipartisan support, provides affordable health insurance to low income children whose income levels make them ineligible for Medicaid. "The program has enjoyed broad bipartisan support, and I expect Congress will reauthorize CHIP soon".

"CHIP is a critical part of the health care safety net in Texas", wrote Health and Human Services Commission Chief Deputy Executive Commissioner Cecile Erwin Young in a September 26 letter. Maryland, which has about 140,000 CHIP enrollees, has enough money to last through March, state officials estimate.

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HO: Absolutely. I mean we have certainly seen the children's health insurance plan play an important role in children's access to health coverage. Cate Jeffries with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority said they can prolong the program if they essentially start buying on credit.

"Immunizations really, really help us keep those children out of hospitals", Dr. Zamora said, "They don't get pneumonia".

The House Energy and Commerce Committee plans to vote on the bill Wednesday.

Wicker is a cosponsor of bipartisan Senate bill that would reauthorize funding for community health centers for the next five years. The number of patients seeking care at the health centers, which have a sliding scale for people without insurance, has more than doubled since 2006.

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When leading Democrats raised those worries with U.S. Rep. Just look at the Obamacare repeal failure, which would have slashed Medicaid funding, with potentially disastrous consequences for children in North Carolina.