10 million people saw the Russia-linked ads on Facebook


It is also becoming increasingly clear that Russian agents sought to sow cultural divisions across the United States.

The company turned 3,000 ads over to three congressional committees on Monday as part of their investigations into Russian influence in the 2016 election.

The information surfaced approximately a month after 500 inauthentic accounts were identified by facebook. The Russians capitalized this system by designing English-language sites and Facebook pages that approximately impersonated those designed by USA political activists. "That means that for majority, if they had been run by authentic individuals, anywhere, they could have remained on the platform".

In the middle of September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the changes in the political ad spending and stressed his intention to hire 250 workers to check the election integrity. "We understand more about how our service was abused and we will continue to investigate to learn all we can".

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Other federal officials may use government aircraft or chartered aircraft only in exceptional circumstances. The committee is requesting the documents be submitted no later than October 10, according to the letter.

The ads, he said, focused on divisive social and political issues, ranging from LGBT topics to immigration and gun rights. Facebook states that it's dedicated to collaborating with congressional investigators and has made use of every chance to share what it has discovered with congressional investigators. To begin with, it's promising to make ads more transparent - it's writing tools that will let you see all the ads a Page runs, not just the ones targeting you.

Facebook has revealed that 10-million US users were shown Russian propaganda ads that may have interfered with the 2016 USA election - and that may not be the final number.

Why couldn't they be stopped? Facebook will also enhance its automated review system to catch questionable ads earlier and more often.

Why didn't the rubles tip Facebook off?

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Facebook previously has acknowledged that about one quarter of the 3,000 Russian-bought ads were targeted to specific geographic locations, without detailing the locations. Most Russians on Facebook are doing nothing wrong, Facebook said.

Recently, I led House and Senate Democrats in sending a letter to the Federal Election Commission, urging the agency to consider new rules that can help stop foreign governments from anonymously buying online ads to spread misinformation and sow division among the American electorate.

Is there ever 100 percent "safety"?

Reach and exposure: 44% of the ads were seen before the election on November 8, 2016 and 56% were seen after. Many of those ads could very well pass content guidelines despite being objectionable to some.

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