'Let's Make a Deal' host Monty Hall has died aged 96


Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], October 1: Iconic game-show host Monty Hall is no more. The show featured the late host Hall getting audience members to gamble on whether they should keep the little prizes they had traded their own stuff for, or risk trading them for what was in a box or behind curtains.

Our thoughts are with Hall's family during this hard time. When a People magazine interviewer suggested in 1996 that "Let's Make a Deal" would be his epitaph, Hall replied, with a wince: "You put that on my tombstone, and I'll kill you".

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Born on August 25, 1921, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, young Monte Halperin was a theater kid through-and-through.

The show aired with Hall as host until 1976 and for years in syndication.

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But Monty Hall managed, always, to seem an advocate for the hapless contestant, even though he represented the show's producers' ruthless thirst for spectacle, for comeuppance. His life and legacy is a blessing to people everywhere #LMADRIP Monty Hall Let's just pray he picked the right doorBTW a lovely man and, briefly, an excellent hockey announcer for The New York Rangers https://t.co/0wRMGBdtmaRIP Monty Hall. Interviewed in 2013, he gave Wayne Brady, his successor as host, his seal of approval. But it was Hall who was lastingly identified as "TV's big dealer", as the show put it, something he found at least mildly disconcerting.

However, Sharon Hall said Hall never refused an autograph and used his fame to help others. He was known for charity work for organizations including Variety Clubs International, which raised money for disadvantaged children.

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He is survived by two daughters - Broadway and TV actress Joanna Gleason and Sharon Hall - his son Richard, brother Robert Hall and five grandchildren.