Firefox Quantum Developer Edition released: the fastest Firefox ever


The gold standard release is landing on November 14, but if you're interested in trying out the beta now you can do so HERE. "No other browser can do this", Mozilla claims. Browsing is definitely faster by about two times as per the speedometer benchmark. Firefox Quantum features a faster CSS engine written in Rust that runs quickly, in parallel across multiple CPU cores, instead of running in one slower sequence on a single core.

The use of Mozilla's own Rust programming language is also among the new features in Quantum. Mozilla executives acknowledged they let Firefox languish, but now Mozilla is fighting back against the dominance of Google Chrome. "This improved utilization of your computer's hardware makes Firefox Quantum dramatically faster". That's only around 25% of all legacy plugins, meaning that almost 75% of all Firefox add-ons won't be available to users on the new version.

As a result, Mozilla started a project and released Firefox 1.0.

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Last but not least, Mozilla has fixed 468 issues related to Firefox slowness in the past several months, adding to the feeling of a faster browser.

The firm first announced "Project Quantum", an effort to create a next-generation engine for modern computers by leveraging technology from the Servo research project, this time past year. The Firefox browser has since been getting more frequent updates not only the desktop version but also the mobile version for Android.

We can see from an older Mozilla slide below that Servo looked quite promising compared to Gecko, the old rendering engine used by Firefox. Menus, for example, will change size based on whether you're clicking with a mouse or tapping with a finger.

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Firefox Quantum sports a simpler logo than earlier versions of Mozilla's browser. The new Library provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. Quantum has also received a tweaked UI that is meant to work well with the high DPI display common on devices today.

To complement the doubling of Firefox's performance due to all the "Quantum" improvements, Mozilla also made a decision to give Firefox a fresh look with a new "Photon" UI.

And to isolate it against the background of previous versions, Firefox 57 the Assembly was given a separate name. As part of its Project Photon initiative, Mozilla will rid of the ugly curved tab design now seen in Firefox and will able to take advantage of high-resolution screens.

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