New Nissan Leaf gets more range, but is it enough?


Nissan also announced, they will offer a higher power, longer range version at a higher price in model year 2019. Nissan Leaf 2018 will go on sale in the next year. "It's the awareness that comes with more entrants into the market". That means it'll keep to a driver-set speed, unless the vehicle in front slows down - and it'll also stay centered within the lane you're in. The Leaf will be first Nissan vehicle to feature the ProPILOT Park system, which will help the driver to park in tight spots by taking over the steering wheel.

The worry for Nissan, however, is that "range anxiety" will dampen excitement over the new release.

Completely reinvented. That's how Nissan are describing the new Leaf.

New Nissan Leaf will travel 235 miles per charge
2018 Nissan Leaf Leaves Fans Sweating Over E-Pedal

The range is also a little short when compared to electric cars from the likes of Tesla with is Model X 100D, which has a range close to 300 miles. It will also be cheaper, though the world's top-selling electric vehicle still won't match the driving range of its prime competitors.

Hiroto Saikawa, president and chief executive officer of Nissan Motor Co., explains the features of the new Leaf at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba's Mihama Ward on September 6.

Late on Tuesday, Nissan unveiled the all-new 2018 Leaf at a world premiere event in the Las Vegas Strip.

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In Japan, it starts at 3.15 million yen ($29,000) with the most expensive version costing 3.99 million yen ($37,000). Toyota Motor Corp. has been more aggressive about gas-electric hybrids, exemplified in its hit Prius model, and is expanding to plug-in hybrids, as well as hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Nissan says that its new e-Pedal, which drives the auto forward when depressed and brakes when pressure is released, should increase driving efficiency and be all that a driver needs to operate the vehicle for around 90% of urban driving.

The next-generation Leaf now has a range of 241 km thanks to new technology that keeps the lithium-ion battery pack the same size but with 33 per cent greater power density.

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Content manager for the Next Green Car news site, Chris Lilly, said while the new model is not "groundbreaking" it should be more appealing to drivers as "it takes every element of the old Leaf and improves upon it, and adds a whole lot of new features".

"Drivers of the new Leaf will quickly come to love the e-Pedal, as it makes the usual experience of urban driving far smoother and more fluid, and less demanding", explained Hiroki Isobe, chief vehicle engineer.

Performance has been upgraded too, the electric motor now produces 110kW of power and 320Nm of torque.

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At the forefront of the new technology bundle sits the semi-autonomous ProPilot, but market dependent the Leaf also has self-parking technology, among others.