Another Monster Black Hole Found in the Milky Way


The cloud, named CO-0.40-0.22, was intriguing because not only did it represent the possibility of finding an intermediate black hole, but it could also explain how massive black holes come to exist at the centers of galaxies, such as our own Milky way.

Japan, September 5, 2017: Astronomers have found new evidence for the existence of a mid-sized black hole, considered the missing link in the evolution of super-massive black holes.

The gases in the elliptical cloud, which is 150 trillion kilometers (93 trillion miles) wide and more than 200 light-years from Earth, move at drastically different velocities.

Data gathered using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, or ALMA telescope, revealed that the molecules in the elliptical cloud, which spans 150 trillion kilometers wide, were being pulled around by vast gravitational forces. This similarity with Sgr A* "supports the notion that CO-0.40-0.22* [the asterisk denoting the radio source] is an intermediate-mass black hole", Oka says.

Now the mystery could be solved by the identification of the intermediate-type black hole - something astrophysicists suspected were around but for which there have been only tentative candidates in the past.

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Given that the sun is over a hundred times the size of our little planet, that means this black hole is an absolutely ridiculous size.

According to The Guardian, it's believed that this newly-found black hole could be the core of an old dwarf galaxy that was cannibalised during the formation of the Milky Way billions of years ago.

Black holes are the stuff of dreams for science fiction writers everywhere and a source of fascination for scientists and ordinary people alike.

It's believed they could be the seeds of their more massive counterparts - merging together to form a very big one. intermediate black holes might simply turn out to be their progenitors. The black hole appears to be mid-sized and not almost as big as the giant ones present at the centers of galaxies.

It's hard to find black holes - because they are completely black.

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The study said, "It is widely accepted that black holes with masses greater than a million solar masses lurk at the centers of massive galaxies. Some of them seem very large". Astronomers have long found evidence for small, star-sized black holes-up to about 10 times the sun's mass-and supermassive ones, containing millions or billions of solar masses, in galactic cores. Also, Tomoharu Oka form the Keio University in Japan, leads a team of scientists, which says that it has some solid evidences of the existing mid-sized black hole which has been hanging out in our galaxy since long.

They concluded that it contained a very large "compact object" which was likely to be a black hole.

The concept of Black holes was firstly predicted by Albert Einstein.

Galaxies like the Milky Way are thought to have been formed from the merger of multiple dwarf galaxies, and the remains of some continue to orbit our galaxy.

Prof Oka said: 'Further detection of such compact high-velocity features in various environments may increase the number of non-luminous black hole candidate and thereby increase targets to search for evidential proof of general relativity. "This would make a considerable contribution to the progress of modern physics".

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