Bill Nye sues Disney claiming the company underpaid him by $9M


A few months later, the lawsuit alleges, Buena Vista said it miscalculated and that Nye actually owed the company around $496,000.

Yikes! It seems Bill Nye has been crunching some numbers, and he is not happy about what he's found: namely, he alleges that Disney withheld $28 million in distribution profits from his old kids' show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, which aired from 1993 to 1998, won 19 Emmy awards, and earned its host an enduring reputation that has allowed him to, among other things, launch a new series on Netflix nearly two decades later.

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According to Nye, his agreement with Disney ensured that he was entitled to one-sixth of the show's net profits. Specifically, they claim that Disney squirreled away at least $28 million in "ill-gotten profits" from his series, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

According to the docs, Disney told Bill it made an accounting error, and informed him he wouldn't get any future checks until it recouped the $496k. Due to the dispute, Nye alleges the company ceased making their royalty payments to him in 2008.

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The suit says that Nye eventually hired an auditor to review the company's records, but the inquiry was delayed for years and the defendants allegedly did not provide all the requested documentation. He is also claiming the auditor found discrepancies in the company's revenue and royalty accounting figures.

The complaint calls Disney's actions an "ongoing, deliberate conspiracy to decive Mr. Nye and the BNSG Owners" out of what it claims is his rightful profits.

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The suit states that Nye "believes and thereon alleges that as a direct and proximate result of the Defendants' breach of fiduciary duty, Plaintiff has suffered damages in the amount of not less than Nine Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Five Hundred Sixty dollars (USD$9,350,565.00), the final amount to be proven at trial", says the complaint, dropping some big bucks demands.