Immigration Activists, Officials Protest Possible Pardon Of Arpaio


At first, the comments didn't get as much attention as they might have otherwise because of the Charlottesville auto ramming attack.

The president appeared to be trying to share a story from Fox & Friends, a favorite morning talk show of the president's, that said he was "seriously considering" pardoning Joe Arpaio, a controversial former Arizona sheriff.

Pardoning the sheriff would have little material impact on the immigration debate, but would send a powerful message to Trump's base and likely spark renewed protests over the president's immigration policies. He has protected people from crime and saved lives. "He doesn't deserve to be treated this way".

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. TruthFeed called Arpaio's conviction "absolutely ridiculous" and added, "We think Trump needs to pardon Arpaio".

Nationalists involved in scuffles at torch-lit Virginia rally (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
For many Americans, they are outdated symbols of racism , and have been mobilizing to have them taken down from public places. More counter-protesters are expected at Saturday's planned demonstrations and authorities are bracing themselves for violence.

A judge is set to sentence Arpaio on October 5. Several other troubling confrontations took place, including a group of white supremacists beating 20-year-old Deandre Harris. Arpiao admitted running special patrols targeting Hispanic drivers for more than 17 months after a federal judge ordered him to stop.

He faces six months in prison for defying a 2011 court order that required his officers to stop detaining people on the suspicion that they were in the country illegally. Yet again, it may turn out that President Donald Trump's words will come back to bite him.

"I am happy he understands the case", said Arpaio. "I am seriously thinking about it", Fox News reported him as saying.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the US president the power to "grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States".

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Odinga's comments raised the specter of post-election violence, which blighted Kenya 10 years ago in similar circumstances. Mudavadi said the opposition had gotten the information from "confidential" sources inside the election commission.

"I didn't ask for it, but if he's going to offer, I will accept, because I'm not guilty".

President Trump also found himself receiving online attention for another retweet (again swiftly deleted), featuring a cartoon showing a person with a CNN logo for a head being hit by a train. Jerome Corsi of conspiracy theory outlet Infowars wrote that Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions "must help Sheriff Arpaio", calling the trial a "travesty of justice" and asking whether Trump and Sessions would "continue to stand by watching".

Trump then shared the tweet.

No less than the editorial board of the Arizona Republic recently noted, "All of Arizona was sullied by the racial profiling that went on when Arpaio was sheriff".

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