Google CEO to hold all-hands meeting over memo controversy


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the memo violates the company's code of conduct, but also added that minority viewpoints can not be discounted.

Pichai said that he has met with many people at Google about the controversy, with the vast majority supporting the decision to fire the author of the manifesto.

"We had hoped to have a frank, open discussion today as we always do to bring us together and move forward", wrote Pichai.

"But our Dory questions appeared externally this afternoon, and on some websites Googlers are now being named personally", he added.

"Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and anxious they may be "outed" publicly for asking a question in the town hall".

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He said the company will aim to create several other forums "where people can feel comfortable to speak freely".

In his manifesto, Damore explained why there are not more women in tech jobs and called for more ideological diversity in Google's workplace. Damore argued about certain biological differences between males and females which, according to him, defined the gender gap in the tech roles. The Twitter account further demonstrates Damore's growing cachet among figures associated with the alt-right movement and other online conservatives.

US lawmakers in Congress have also urged Google and the whole tech industry to take a hard look at their diversity and inclusion policies, noting they could do better to bring more women and minority representation into the mix.

In late June, Google announced the hiring of Danielle Brown as its new head of diversity.

"There are many actors in the whole Google/diversity drama, but I'd say the one who's behaved the worst is the CEO, Sundar Pichai", Brooks wrote.

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As the harassment continued, it focused on specific employees who had spoken out in favor of Mr. Damore's dismissal.

"But while people may have a right to express their beliefs in public, that does not mean companies can not take action when women are subjected to comments that perpetuate negative stereotypes about them based on their gender", wrote Ms. Wojcicki, one of the most powerful women at Google.

Damore's contentions about the bias at Google are a near-perfect summation of the dangers manifest in all close-minded institutions, including most of the news media and many universities.

That graphic drew hundreds of negative comments about the people and the company.

Google Thursday canceled a Town Hall meant to air viewpoints on diversity, sexism and free speech, citing worker safety concerns. You either embrace the progressive narrative about why there aren't more women in high-powered jobs; is exclusively due to bias, or you're "anti-diversity".

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Google is now under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor over claims it did not fairly pay some female employees.