Three accusers to sue Usher for failing to disclose alleged STD


Sharpton claims she met Usher before one of his concerts when celebrating her nineteenth birthday, and the pair later met up and "engaged in sexual contact".

She claims that she was later approached by Usher's security guard who told her that Usher was "interested" in her and asked for her phone number.

The celebrity attorney, whose clients include Blac Chyna, said she'd been contacted by other people claiming to have had sex with Usher who are concerned they have been exposed to herpes, the Daily News said. But after he left, she "never heard from him again".

After another woman who alleges she slept with the singer in April filed a $20 million lawsuit for infecting her, Sharpton says she chose to take action.

"I feel that my rights were violated", said Quantasia Sharpton, who does not have the disease.

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Bloom added that she doesn't know for Certain if Usher has the STD, but media reports have stated that he does and he still remained silent.

Bloom said that another of her clients has tested positive, and blames Usher for this.

Bloom says her firm is reviewing other potential accusations against the singer and additional names may be added to the lawsuit in the coming days.

On Friday, she announced in a statement that she will hold a press conference Monday afternoon in New York City where one of the female accusers will speak.

Apart from claiming he lied to them about his health status, and about a $1.1 million lawsuit he previously settled over the same issue, they also said that the virus does not count as a "bodily injury" and is therefore not covered in their agreement. "In the event plaintiffs have contracted the herpes virus, their health may be compromised in the future as a result of the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, high-risk pregnancies, higher risk of contracting HIV and other medical conditions ..."

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Usher is being sued by three people claiming he exposed them to herpes. Sharpton had just turned 19 when Usher picked Sharpton to go onstage to sing to during his act and later made contact with her after the concert. He then took her to a hotel and had sex with her, allegedly.

The news outlet also noted that the court documents stated the adverse effects of Usher's alleged herpes infection to the complainants. We hope the reports are not true.

"I am mad because if it weren't for the reports I would have never known about something that could have affected me for the rest of my life".

Usher has not yet responded to the allegations.

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