Venezuela opposition leaders taken from homes, family says


The monetary impact of the sanctions wasn't immediately clear as Maduro's holdings in USA jurisdictions, if he has any, weren't publicized. Indeed, previous year alone more than 150,000 Venezuelans, fed up with the hellish life of daily shortages, petty violence, and police-state abuses, left the country for the United States, Spain, and other Latin American nations. "What a tremendous democracy". Maduro is responsible if something happens to him, ” Lopezs wife, Lilian Tintori, said on Twitter.

Why was the election so controversial?

The vote produced a disputed results between the government, which claimed 8 million people cast their ballots, and the opposition, which put the figure at 2.4 million. However, opposition politicians say the true number is closer to 12 per cent.

Trump had threatened "strong and swift economic actions" if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro went ahead with the creation of the assembly, which is empowered to rewrite the constitution and dissolve state institutions, such as the opposition-dominated legislature.

Tasked with writing a new constitution, it has far-reaching powers - including the right to dissolve the National Assembly and change laws. "The threats and sanctions of the empire don't intimidate me for a moment", Mr Maduro said on national television.

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Political tension has been mounting since the Democratic Unity Roundtable, a coalition of anti-Maduro parties, became the majority in the National Assembly in the 2015 elections.

The electoral council's vote counts in the past have been seen as reliable and generally accurate, but the widely mocked announcement appeared certain to escalate the polarization and political conflict paralyzing the country.

"The opposition is going to try to set up a parallel government in a bid for global recognition". Nevertheless, the street demonstrations continued-as did the government's crackdown-yielding the current tally of about 90 protesters killed, hundreds wounded, and 3,000 arrested.

Is Maduro becoming a dictator?

But beyond the symbolism this is likely to have little impact - not least because of the diminished stature and moral authority of the White House under Donald Trump.

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The U.S. sanctioned 13 Venezuelan leaders last week - a move that was followed by Colombia, Mexico and Panama. A day after the worldwide Rescue for Democracy referendum, Maduro said the July 30 election will be held anyway, so as to defeat the "coup d'etat" he blames for the wave of mass protests.

The U.S. sends light crude oil to Venezuela, which has heavy crude.

A three-year economic recession has resulted in shortages of basic foods and medicines.

While Maduro still enjoys the unwavering support of hardcore Chavistas, including a host of socialist paramilitary groups who have been accused of killing opposition activists with impunity, ordinary Venezuelans are less convinced.

The text recalled the words of Cuban President, Raul Castro, when in the most recent session of Parliament said that coupist violence against Venezuela hurts all of our America.

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Lacking the magnetism which made his predecessor untouchable to a large swathe of Venezuela's dispossessed, "Maduro's easiest path to guaranteed survival is a one-party state", says The Independent, "and this is what he is now intent upon".