Swiss chainsaw attacker arrested after global manhunt


Swiss police issued an worldwide arrest warrant on Tuesday for a chainsaw-wielding attacker who remained on the run after wounding multiple people in an office building rampage.

Wrousis is accused of attacking two employees of a health insurance company at their office in Schaffhausen's old town.

He has two previous convictions for weapons offences.

They say they have now identified the suspect, adding that he is about 1 meter 90 centimeters (6.2 feet) tall, bald and with an unkempt appearance.

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Photo The Swiss police set up a barrier at a crime scene in Schaffhausen after an attack that injured five people.

Franz Wrousis can be seen walking through the streets of Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland before an attack that left five injured, two of them seriously.

Two people were injured with the chainsaw, but police did not yet reveal how the other victims were hurt.

Wrousis has been charged twice in the past for having illegal weapons, in 2014 and 2016, but he wasn't sentenced to prison, according to Sticher.

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The town, located near the German border, has been put under lockdown as authorities hunt for the suspect.

In a statement, police warned "the suspect is risky", but said it was unclear whether he still had the chainsaw.

Wrousis has been described as an aggressive and potentially mentally unstable man who has spent the last several months living in the woods.

They later released another photo of Wrousis, which they said was taken immediately before the attack. In recent weeks he was seen a lot in forests near Schaffhausen. Police found a minivan he was believed to have been driving shortly after the attack, and searched the region near the German border with helicopters and sniffer dogs.

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A picture taken just before the attack shows him wearing a green jacket and black pants and carrying a black bag thought to contain the chainsaw. They did not elaborate on its condition or say if anything else was found in it.