Bakersfield Firefighters Bring Nearly Dead Dog Back to Life


After a home in California went on fire, a dog was left unconscious and it was believed by firefighters that he wouldn't survive.

John Frando, a spokesperson for the Bakersfield Fire Department, said he nearly stopped recording because he feared Jack wouldn't make it. It has been viewed over 5.5 lakh times in just 24 hours.

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The video shows the firefighters reviving the little dog with specialized animal oxygen mask and high flow oxygen as his concerned owner looks on.

Minutes later Jack begins to respond and is seen panting after their efforts pay off.

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Jack was taken to a veterinarian clinic following his ordeal and is believed to be doing well, according to the BFD. Jack suffered some burns to his feet and respiratory tract injuries.

In a video posted to the Bakersfield Fire Department's website that has been widely shared online, firefighter Matt Smith is shown carrying the almost lifeless Shih Tzu from the house on Wednesday.

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For its part, Bakersfield Fire Department has replied to many commenters thanking them for their support.