Salary Data Show Gender Pay Gap in Trump White House


In its Monday article titled, "White House pays women 80 cents for every dollar paid to men", CNN wrote that "women working in the White House earn an average salary of 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male colleagues", adding those numbers reflect a "gender pay gap wider than the national average of 82 cents on the dollar".

The average salary for men in the White House is around $104,000, while for women it's around $83,000, according to CNN's look at the White House's annual report to Congress.

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When calculating the averages, Roll Call omitted the three employees who are taking no salary, including the president's daughter, her husband Jared Kushner, and a former Baltimore real estate developer. Among the 22 second highest paid employees, who make $179,700, only six are women. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, White House Counsel Donald McGahn and chief strategist Stephen Bannon are among the men in that list.

When the Washington Post's Wonkblog saw Perry's analysis, they charted how Trump compared not only to Obama's White House, but also to George W. Bush's administration, showing Trump performing far worse than the 43 President.

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At $187,100, senior policy adviser Mark House is the top earning White House staffer. In April, equal-pay advocates criticized the president for signing an executive order that rolled back a regulation meant to protect women's ability to earn the same as men.

In April, Ivanka Trump told her four million Twitter followers it was time to close the gender pay gap, writing, "women deserve equal pay for equal work".

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