Uber, investors face employee backlash over Kalanick's exit


There have even been rumblings that Uber wants Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, long known as essentially Facebook's Chief Grown Up Officer, to step into the vacated position. Uber is recruiting to refresh its highest ranks with other executives as well, and the company's board is also undergoing several changes. "He worked day and night creating this company to what it is today".

Kalanick resigned this week after pressure from five major Uber investors following the release of a report on Uber's internal culture and a seemingly endless series of scandals and screw-ups. While founders should be held accountable to strong, independent boards and need the support of experienced leadership teams, founder DNA is a precious asset and can not be under-estimated. The authors of the letter say that Kalanick is important to the future of the company, and they make a thinly veiled suggestion that the board used him as a scapegoat. The alleged petition encourages employees to email board member Arianna Huffington and co-founder Garrett Camp to share their views.

The shareholders' insistence on Kalanick's departure came after months of prolonged scandal, during which the company faced allegations of a hostile workplace culture and an intellectual property lawsuit from Waymo, a self driving auto company owned by Google's parent company.

Uber, investors face employee backlash over Kalanick's exit
Uber, investors face employee backlash over Kalanick's exit

According to Bloomberg, Kalanick recently floated a conspiracy theory that the woman hadn't been raped and that Uber had been framed by its Indian competitor Ola.

The document, dated April 11, 2016, references "Pre-Signing Bad Acts", which covers behaviour including fraud and trade-secrets theft, as well as "Post-Signing Specified Bad Acts".

The board got a second new member on Wednesday in David Trujillo of TPG Capital, an Uber investor, according to a source familiar with the matter.

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This passage, says Waymo, indicates that Uber knew about the possibility that Levandowski had lifted Waymo's self-driving auto tech much earlier than they let on.

The employee petition began when Michael York, a product manager, called for people to rally their support around Mr. Kalanick.

His resignation came barely seven days after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he will take an indefinite leave of absence.

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Levandowski's lawyers didn't respond to requests to comment.

Kalanick's pugnacious style largely defined Uber's approach and helped it become a transportation colossus valued at $68 billion, the largest private firm backed by venture capitalists in the world.

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