President Trump Admits He's Not Making it Easy to Get Democrats' Support


Put on defense, House Democratic leaders from Pelosi on down tried to spin the outcome in Georgia as positive, arguing that coming in a close second in the solidly Republican district augured well for their chances of taking back the House next year.

Now, with Handel keeping Price's old seat in GOP hands, Democratic strategists insist that health care will still be powerful ammunition against Republicans in next year's congressional elections.

Planned Parenthood serves 2.4 million people in the United States every year, and it's estimated that one in five women in America has used Planned Parenthood at least once.

"Their camera just went off", he said as the audience booed his mention of CNN.

Why the relentless focus on the Democratic congresswoman from San Francisco?

The comments come as the executive director of Trump's campaign confirmed to CNN that Trump will host his first re-election campaign fundraising event next Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

"I really, after the (2014) Senate race, I was moving on", she said in a late-Tuesday phone call.

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"Republican voters don't get to select the leaders of the Democratic Party".

Asked if that meant Pelosi should go, Moulton - who backed Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan's challenge to Pelosi's leadership post a year ago - said: "I think that's a question for the caucus to decide". "It still moves voters", Ryan said. Democrats lost a chance to steal a congressional seat that has always been anti-abortion.

"Unfortunately a loss for us, but not good news for them", Pelosi told members. "We still need real change".

Keith Ellison, a Minnesota representative, also backs her leadership.

On Wednesday, Pelosi attempted to reassure dejected Democrats after the party spent millions of dollars in the election, only to come up short yet again.

But he said there is no doubt that "this is one occasion when we ought to say he deserves to take a victory lap". If Democrats keep running ahead of expectations across those plausibly competitive Republican-held seats, many seats will ultimately fall their way. Barack Obama managing 46 percent of the vote here in 2008. "He is projecting himself as a Republican-lite instead of a Democrat".

A top aide to Pelosi dismissed the blaming, saying that Pelosi still enjoys broad support among the conference and that any party leader would be subject to partisan attacks. "Nancy Pelosi is not the only reason Ossoff lost".

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But Democrats did this to themselves.

In the Ossoff race, even though the 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and former congressional staffer ended up running a more centrist and not Trump-centric campaign, Republicans were able to zero in on the more than $23 million in donations Ossoff raised, largely from liberal enclaves like California and NY, and make an easy connection to Pelosi. "She is a great leader". "It says: Perhaps the approach that's being taken in Congress and by the President are more acceptable to a swing district or swing-voting parts of the country than people are predicting". "I think it's time for a new generation of leadership". If elected, I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker.

Democrats thought they'd be able to pull off a win, but it did not happen - but he did not lose by much.

Republicans' ability to effectively use Pelosi as their bogeyman in Georgia was especially stark when contrasted with the Democrats' tactics there.

The two most recent special elections, both contests for congressional seats in the House of Representatives, were held in SC and Georgia, the latter marking, as noted by CNBC, the most expensive House race in history.

The House GOP health bill seemed created to punish Trump voters and reward Democrats.

The Democratic candidates in those states ran largely on their own, while John Ossoff, the Democratic challenger in Georgia's 6th District, ended up with serious national support and more donated campaign cash than any Democratic congressional candidate has ever received.

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