U.S. to welcome President Moon with maximum respect


The newly-elected president of South Korea ordered a probe into why the countrys defense ministry failed to report to him the import of four more rocket launchers for the U.S. anti-missile system in addition to the two confirmed publicly.

The deployment of the US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system was approved by the previous conservative government in Seoul, which fell after then-President Park Geun-hye of the Saenuri Party was impeached under the corruption charges.

China expressed its concern today over the arrival in the Republic of Korea of ​​four additional mobile launchers of the advanced United States missile defense system (THAAD).

During the meeting Moon told Durbin that the probe into the THAAD issue was not meant to reverse the deployment agreement between Seoul and Washington but to conduct it with appropriate domestic procedures, according to the presidential office.

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During the election campaign, Moon said he would review a system that has enraged not only Pyongyang, but also China, Seoul's largest trading partner.

An investigation of top security officials from the previous administration is now ongoing to find out if they intentionally withheld from the Moon government information on the delivery of four additional launchers for the system.

Earlier this week, working-level defense officials told the presidential office that they didn't think discussions about the four launchers were important because a broadcaster had already aired footage of their transportation.

Durbin added, "I said several times that protecting USA forces in Korea is important to me". The THAAD system was installed in the southeastern town of Seongju.

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Yonhap reported that QQ Music had to previously remove its Korean music chart in March. "So it isn't that we were sneaking in to put this in place", he said in an interview with a small group of reporters right after his meeting with Moon.

It said Wee did so because the South Korean and US militaries decided not to publicize the launchers' arrivals.

The minister stressed that it's "entirely about a domestic measure" and South Korea's new government is not trying to change the THAAD decision itself and send any different message to Washington.

The rescue comes days after South Korea returned six North Korean fishermen rescued from straying fishing boats.

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In what appears to be efforts to narrow their differences, U.S. Missile Defense Agency chief Vice Admiral James Syring and chief of U.S. Forces Korea and Combined Forces Command General Vincent Brooks met with Seoul's NSC chief Chung Eui-yong at the top office on Monday. One is to ignore the threat.