Mortician offers to show off astronaut's dead body


Mortuary branch chief William Zwicharowski of Dover Air Force Base in DE is being accused of offering inspectors a peek at Glenn's body on February 28 and March 2 while it was in his care, the Military Times reported. John Glenn's (D-Ohio) remains were disrespected before his burial earlier this year, according to a new report.

Skillman called the mortuary staffer's purported behavior "clearly inappropriate and personally shocking".

Glenn died at the age of 95.

Glenn made history on February 20, 1962 by becoming the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth.

Mortician offers to show off astronaut's dead body
Mortician offers to show off astronaut's dead body

The employee twice offered military inspectors a look at Glenn's body while the late Ohio Senator and astronaut was awaiting burial at Arlington National Cemetery, according to an internal Department of Defense memo obtained by the Military Times.

The Air Force has launched an investigation into allegations a mortuary employee at Dover Air Force Base offered to show Sen.

Officials say the Glenn family has been notified of the allegations, but they have not yet commented.

A few days after the inspection, however, Lt. Col. Chip Hollinger, deputy commander of Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations, told Zwicharowski the inspection team mentioned that they didn't think it was appropriate to invite them to see Glenn's body.

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Before his internment at Arlington National Cemetery last month, Glenn's remains traveled to OH, his home state, which he represented for 24 years as a Democratic U.S. senator. The Times said it made several unsuccessful attempts to reach Zwicharowski.

After learning of the incident from the inspectors' report, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson ordered the inspector general to conduct a full review of the incident as well as mortuary management on May 17, Wilson's first full day on the job. Even after being told the statement was inappropriate, Zwicharowski repeated the offer, said Skillman, who was among the inspectors at the Dover facility.

Other than the incident involving Glenn's body, Air Force officials said the inspection itself was a success.

Zwicharowski and other personnel at Dover questioned the legitimacy of the Pentagon inspection team.

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"Integrity is never popular up front, but long term, it lasts forever", he said.

"I want to guarantee the families of our fallen, in the past and in the future, that they're treated with honor, dignity and respect here at Dover".

Zwicharowski is a mortician at Dover Air Force Base in DE where the fallen come home from America's wars.

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