WhatsApp's newest feature will make it easier to prioritise important conversations


You will then find a new pin icon near the top of the screen. With this new feature, users of the instant messaging app are allowed to select a conversation and pin it to the top of their chats, meaning the said chat will always be at the top when the WhatsApp app is opened. This will prioritise what messages are seen first.

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In doing so, this will also make it easier to ignore the notifications from those groups/people that you're not particularly engaged with.

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"With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list of conversations to text your family members or your best friend", says WhatsApp. A user just has to tap and hold on a chat and the new pin icon will appear along the top of their screen next to delete, mute and archive. Earlier, the pinned chats feature was available only to beta users of WhatsApp.The feature now comes with the stable update. Now, with WhatsApp's "pinned chats" feature, it is possible. This can be handy if there are chats that are important that you don't want to miss. According to Indian Express, the feature had been previously seen a few weeks ago on Android Beta for testing. Once you select, the concerned chat will move down to its regular place in the list of chats. The new feature is just like the "pin post" feature on a Facebook page if you might have ever operated one.

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Well, WhatsApp is definitely late in introducing the new feature, considering we have been using "Pinned" feature on platforms like Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter.