Starbucks Selling Coffee Ice Cubes In Two Cities


The extra kick doesn't come without a fee though.

For 80 cents, customers can swap traditional ice for ice made from Starbucks coffee in any iced espresso or coffee.

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- Forget ice cubes watering down your coffee drink - what about coffee ice?

But, 80 cents beats a watery coffee, amiright? If the coffee ice proves popular with consumers, we could see a more widespread roll out in the future.

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A company spokesperson stresses the test is "very small"... so unless you're in one of the two test markets, coffee ice cubes aren't available... at least not yet. So hats off to Starbucks, which is trying to end that crime by testing its own coffee ice at about a hundred Baltimore and St. Louis cafés.

Of course coffee ice cubes are more. However, if the test goes well, it is possible that the coffee chain will bring the option back, and include it at additional locations.

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Hopefully, this isn't as short-lived as the Unicorn Frappuccino.