Teens' Daredevil Stunt Prompts Review Of Golden Gate Bridge Security


"We really didn't know we were going to climb it but once we got there, we were like 'Yeah we're gonna climb it, '" he says.

In case you're wondering, climbing the Golden Gate is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail.

Bridge District General Manager Denis Mulligan gave a press conference alongside the CHP Tuesday explaining that the teens were successful because they weren't sneaking around any particularly vulnerable spots on the bridge - I guess structurally?

The men - identified by the LA Times as Peter Teatime and Tommy Rector - apparently began their climb from the west sidewalk, which is generally used for cyclists and maintenance vehicles. In April 2008, the bridge was scaled by two Sausalito men and an Oakland woman to protest China's treatment of Tibet and the impending arrival of the Olympic torch. They should not put themselves and others at risk.

Authorities are investigating the stunt, and the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District is considering legal action.

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Teatime said that while the act is illegal, it is a must-do for explorers as it is has an fantastic view and is also the tallest structure in the US.

The video went viral and caught the attention of Homeland Security, which has cameras and motion detectors set-up around and on the bridge.

"Their path of travel didn't trigger an alarm", Clemens said. He also pointed out that he and his friend did not harm anyone or damage any property.

"We would like to talk to authorities about security, about preventing people from climbing the bridge in the future", Teatime said.

Locati said the bridge's security system was "not created to protect thrill-seekers from harming themselves".

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Teatime said he respects law enforcement officials and wasn't trying to stir up any trouble.

"I have climbed tall buildings and cranes, but this is the coolest thing because it is so famous", he said. "We weren't doing anything wrong", he says, adding that he can offer bridge officials tips on improving security.

"To us, it's not nerve-racking", he said.

He said the climb was a one-time deal. "I think we're the first to ever do flips up there", he boasts.

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