Michael Bisping unable to fight, willing to wait for Georges St-Pierre


The situation started with Rockhold's public criticism of the UFC for twice overlooking the top 185-pound contenders in favor of what he deemed "freak show" match-ups for middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

When White first declared the fight was off, we wondered whether Bisping and St-Pierre would accept the promotion's decision. With former owner Lorenzo Fertitta and hard bargaining matchmaker Joe Silva both gone from the company, Dana White is starting to get out-maneuvered by his roster of increasingly uncooperative fighters. "So long story short, what I'm getting at is I'm not going to be ready to fight anytime soon so again, that's another reason why this plays into the ideal scenario for me". According to Michael Bisping, he still hasn't been in touch with the UFC regarding the change.

Ultimately, Bisping informed St-Pierre that if he wasn't ready to fight by mid-summer, he would pass the middleweight title shot along to Yoel Romero.

Speaking on his "Believe You Me" podcast, Bisping revealed that he's not heard from the UFC since White stated the fight was cancelled, and apparently neither has GSP.

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"I've got a fight booked and until I hear anything differently from an official source, I'm expecting to fight GSP".

"So yeah, to clarify, as of right now, no official word from the UFC".

"I find it humorous the so-called champ can't fight who and when he wants to", Romero said at the time. "Mousasi, I'm coming." A date for the proposed Bising vs. Romero bout has not been announced.

White is also right inasmuch St-Pierre never lost the championship inside the octagon when he forfeited the title in December 2013 to go on a hiatus. "That was the offer and I accepted and I kind of feel that once a deal is made, we should stick to it".

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Rockhold fearlessly tagged his boss and told White to "think before you run your mouth", after hearing what he had to say last weekend.

Bisping went on to elaborate that GSP's interest in delaying their bout was a "blessing in disguise" as recent injuries have hindered him from training.

"Listen, I was thinking about this when I talked to some of the media here yesterday". I honestly don't think they're trying to put pressure on Georges.

"I made this GSP fight, we did a press conference". I understand the frustrations from their side, just like a lot of the middleweight division are kind of frustrated. I said we (middleweights) deserve clarity. The Canadian star has said he won't be able to fight until November.

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