HTC unveils new flagship U11 device with pressure-sensitive frame


We'll give the phone a proper workout for a full review in the next few days, but here are the five things you should know about the HTC U11.

The U11 is encased in what HTC calls its "liquid glass" design - layered glass and colours across the back cover change the hue of the device as it moves in the light.

I have already seen some people dismiss this new feature as a gimmick.

When it comes to the company's gambit with AI, the HTC Sense Companion, Dexmier insists the company are still putting work into the feature - even if the biggest improvements won't come until after the HTC U 11's launch window. Instead, the squeezable element in the new HTC U11 is "Edge Sense" and it consists of a series of pressure sensors built into the lower half of the frame of the phone.

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Jumping right into it, he demonstrates how easily the Edge Sense makes taking selfies. Texting can be impossible when you are on the move, but using HTC Edge Sense for Voice to Text, you can speak your text messages without having to slow down.

For example, Chang demonstrated how squeezing the U11 could activate either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

First, the U11 will be the first widely available smartphone with Alexa hot word support.

When you are told that HTC is launching a mobile, it comepletely different than any other smartphone.

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A longer squeeze - a second or so - opens Google Assistant. With the U11, HTC solves that problem and the camera is very quick to launch and take snaps. Once the phone determines where the user is positioned in relation to the phone, three mics are disabled and the nearest mic listens to commands.

The U Ultra stood out for its high-quality audio recording chops and the U11 continues this trend as well. In other markets, including India, it will be released in June.

In terms of overall design, the new HTC smartphone is pretty sleek with clean metallic backplate, an improvement from the basic design of the outgoing HTC 10, as per report from The Verge.

I'll run my own tests on the camera, of course when I get hold of one (hopefully soon), but this bodes well for the success of HTC's latest handset. To register a squeeze, you apply pressure to the sides of the phone. The U11 is basically the exact opposite of that. It's improved its USonic headphones so that they now boast of Active Noise Cancellation in addition to tuning audio specifically for a person's ear. Until then, we really are not bad! Problem is, Sprint is hardly the most popular carrier in the US. This marks the new highest score ever given out to a smartphone by DXO. Two struggling companies aligning to launch a new flagship phone as an exclusive is not a recipe for success.

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