South Korea, US conduct military drills despite Pyongyang threats


Asked if he considered North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to be rational, Mr Trump said he was operating from the assumption that he is rational.

The national security chiefs of South Korea and the United States on Sunday reaffirmed their initial agreement that Seoul will only provide land for the USA deployment of a high-tech missile defense system here without further costs as demanded by President Donald Trump. A lot of people, I'm sure, tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else.

Japan's helicopter carrier Izumo departs Yokosuka port on Monday, May 1, 2017, amid rising tension following missiles tests by North Korea.

His comments come as North Korean President Kim Jong Un test fired a mid-range missile on Saturday that exploded over land shortly after being launched.

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North Korea test-fires missile as tensions flare with U.S. Since 2006, the North has done five nuclear tests, and experts expect the sixth could happen any day. "I don't know. I mean, we'll see", the president responded coyly with all the seriousness of answering to a question about whether he will order dessert.

"'Not happy' mean military action?" Earlier this month, Mr. Trump said China isn't a currency manipulator after meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping about North Korea.

The missile didn't leave North Korean territory, CNN quoted US Navy Commander Dave Benham as saying.

DICKERSON: The Chinese, our allies, have been allies with North Korea. The missile flew for several minutes and reached a maximum height of 44 miles before its mid-air failure.

Ballistic missile did not leave North Korean territory - U.S
Early indications are this was a single stage liquid fueled mobile-launched missile the calling the KN-17, the official said.

Trump said Thursday that he wanted Seoul to pay for the THAAD deployment, which immediately raised questions about the relationship between the two nations. "Bad!" President Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account. "I mean, we'll see", according to a clip released by CBS.

On Thursday, Trump warned of conflict if tensions can not be avoided through diplomacy.

He said Mr Trump had "made clear that he is going to resolve this issue one way or the other, and what we prefer to do is to work with others, China included, to resolve this situation short of military action".

South Korea and the United States wrapped up their annual large-scale military drills on Sunday, but continued a separate joint naval exercise that has triggered dire threats from nuclear-armed North Korea.

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China has repeatedly pushed back at the idea that it alone holds the solution to curbing the North's nuclear ambitions, and warned that any use of U.S. force would only lead to "bigger disasters".