Alien: Covenant prologue film explains what happens right after Prometheus


Now on an abandoned Engineer ship, Shaw repairs David and slips into cryosleep as he walks the ship alone.

The film is set to be released in the United Kingdom on 12 May - but why is Alien Day today?

Something's coming. Ridley Scott's terrifying new sci-fi Alien: Covenant graces the cover of the latest issue of Empire magazine - and in addition to the regular issue, we've rustled up something special. But could the planetoid feature in the film at some point, if only briefly?

"We hit the ground running", says the project's director, David Karlak, who rode the buzz from his brilliant futuristic short Rise straight into Ridley Scott's office. That was a journey of discovery - in the hope of finding "humanity's creators" which resulted in the pair becoming the only two survivors from their ship thanks to a "deadly alien pathogen".

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Of course, questions are never easily answered in the Alien universe.

Now, you didn't actually think an alien was going to pop out of her chest, right? Now, with his third instalment Alien: Covenant on the horizon, City Screen and Vue York have made a decision to throw an 'Alien Day' so you can see it on the big screen all over again.

Here's the superb poster that was released last week, too (and there are even more by clicking on the gallery at the top there).

Everyone knows the famous xenomorphs from the films but for Alien: Covenant In Utero you not only get to see some of the new neomorph creature, you get to be it.

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20th Century Fox is releasing he film in theaters May 19.

It's been a while since we've gotten a new trailer for Blade Runner 2049.

Here's the original red band trailer from a year ago.

More news on Alien: Covenant as we get it. The recently released Alien: Covenant in Utero is a 360-degree video available for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, Variety reported.

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