House Freedom Caucus backs amended GOP health bill


That's a setback for the White House.

The House won't vote on a reworked health care overhaul until at least next week, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told reporters late Thursday. But they remained shy of the support they'd need to fully rouse the measure back to life, and it was uncertain when the vote would occur. In a lawsuit, the House argued that Congress never specifically appropriated that money, and a federal judge agreed that the administration exceeded its constitutional authority by spending it anyway. Schumer has indicated that he will drop his objections once he is assured a long-term budget agreement is in place, according to Senate Democratic aides.

Republicans still pressed for policy wins with so-called riders related to abortion, environmental regulations, and curbing new financial rules. The Senate sent the stopgap bill to Trump by voice vote Friday after the House approved it by a lopsided 382-30 margin. The deadline to have a spending bill to avoid a shutdown is midnight Friday. It's also had the backing of Vice President Mike Pence, Republicans say.

Forty-three senators have released a letter saying that deep cuts "would be shortsighted, counterproductive and even dangerous" at a time when the US faces numerous security challenges around the world.

"They certainly haven't been particularly helpful in the process and a number of them have been busy rolling hand grenades across the Rotunda for about three months", said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla. Todd Young of Indiana.

Trump, together with House Speaker Paul Ryan, was quick to make health care overhaul his most urgent legislative priority of 2017, staking an enormous amount of political capital on a goal that has rallied and united Republicans for almost a decade.

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Some members are also troubled that the House bill would severely cut back funding for Medicaid, which provides health coverage for many opioid addicts in their districts. The AMA has about 250,000 members. "We'll see", Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) told HuffPost when asked if it was now more hard to support the legislation.

The proposal would give states the chance to apply for waivers that could gut several core Obamacare insurance reforms that protect consumers with pre-existing conditions, including requiring insurers are required to cover certain benefits and remove the ban on allowing carriers to charge more based on a person's health history.

The latest impediment arose as leading conservative advocacy groups declared support for the plan and House Republican leaders praised it as a step in the right direction.

One loyal Freedom Caucus member, who was one of the first Republicans against the GOP health care bill, told ABC News today he's undecided. "You have to ask each one of them individually".

Two moderate Pennsylvania Republicans affirmed Thursday they would vote no - Reps. "And they could help us". "Our appropriators are working in good faith toward a bipartisan proposal to keep government open".

Trump's initial struggle with health care has already set important precedence for the rest of his term in office. Republican leaders expect to pass legislation this week to keep the government open through May 5.

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Some moderate Republicans also opposed the measure, saying it went too far.

Health care providers, insurance companies and business groups insist the payments are needed to stabilize the individual health insurance market for 2017 and 2018.

President Donald Trump says he's opposed to helping Puerto Rico resolve its $70 billion debt load. "Any shutting down of government, the ball is in their court".

Puerto Rico is mired in a decade-long recession in part because it borrowed billions of dollars to cover budget deficits over the decades that it can not repay.

States like New Jersey no longer would receive extra federal funding for expanding health coverage to new Medicaid recipients after 2020. So lawmakers have prepared a bill financing agencies for one week while talks continue. Leadership had promised earlier in the day that they would fix the loophole.

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