Call of Duty WWII Revealed By Activision and Sledgehammer


The franchise has been a steady hit maker since its 2003 debut.

Call of Duty: WWII takes the shooter series back to its roots. The game has passed US$11 billion in total lifetime revenue. Many have felt a disappointed by recent COD titles and a refresh is just what the series needed.

What is the whole point of a Call of Duty game if there is no multiplayer aspect to it?

With the increase in visual and audio power available thanks to the move to a new console generation, the horrors of war can be portrayed in a greater fidelity than ever before - brutal violence, bloodied carcasses, and deafening soundscapes combine to further illustrate the vulnerability of combatants and the against-all-odds nature of their missions. Players will play through the story of ordinary men turned soldiers in the 1st Infantry Division as they fight to preserve freedom in the face of tyranny in the European theatre of war. The company had its fair share of bumps on the road, learning how familiarity plays a major role just as keeping the game fresh with a unique experience to provide.

Until the full reveal at E3, specifics about Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer are going to be kept close to Sledgehammer's chest.

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The game has not yet been rated. Out of respect, you can't shy away from some of these issues. The same rule applies to ammunition; once that stash of bullets is gone, you'll have to call upon your fellow squadmates for help.

It seems that there are many players who prefer playing "realistic" video games.

Zombies mode was originally introduced as an Easter egg in 2008's Call of Duty: World at War.

Humanity's deadliest conflict. Inescapable encounter with war.

Call of Duty won't be the first franchise to jump back to an earlier era.

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Details, again, are somewhat thin on the ground here, but there's still enough info doing the rounds for us to at least get a sense of what to expect. "At the same time, the sequels need to be more than just more of the same". The game will return to the World War Two setting, but doesn't necessary return to the classic gameplay that made the franchise popular. They also got a historian to work with them during the development process to capture the authenticity of the event. This time, it'll be Sledgehammer Games that will boast of the honor.

A teaser site for Call of Duty: WW2 has gone online, and Sledgehammer wants those visiting the site to have a bit of fun figuring out the mysteries locked inside.

All of the various indie games that have those sorts of cutscenes in them have often gotten praise for the stories and emotions they can convey, and hopefully the Call of Duty: WW2 in-game cutscenes that Sledgehammer Games is promising will be able to convey the same amount of emotion.

Part of being this squad and working together was about helping each other out in a very different way than in previous games.

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