Fox News now has a racial discrimination lawsuit on its hands


The class-action lawsuit accuses Fox News of "abhorrent, intolerable, unlawful and hostile racial discrimination".

The amended complaint itself added to a lawsuit filed late last month by two black women who accused Fox's longtime comptroller Judith Slater of making a series of racially insensitive remarks.

"Wright joined the network in 2003 and co-hosted "Fox & Friends" and now co-hosts "America's News Headquarters" During the weekend, he alleged he was "effectively sidelined" and forced to endure many racist comments" at Fox which were "intended to paint [him] as a caricature of a Black entertainer - i.e., a Jim Crow".

At the press conference Wednesday morning, Wigdor said Wright is the lone "black male anchor" at the network.

"Let me make something very plain here", Wright said, "I, or the people you see with me, do not have any incentive from some left-wing conspirator group or some left-wing financier to try to destroy Fox News".

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In addition, the Washington Post reports, "a 12th former employee filed a separate discrimination lawsuit in federal court in the Southern District of NY; and a 13th person turned to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with a discrimination charge".

Separately on Tuesday, a former Fox News accounts payable specialist, Adasa Blanco, filed a lawsuit in federal court in NY claiming her complaints about racial discrimination were ignored and she was forced to quit in 2013 as a result.

Mark LeGrier, a former financial employee who's black, said he was subjected to retaliation when he complained to Brandi about Slater's behavior.

All three men have left Fox News in the past year.

"The Fox News host also said co-president Bill Shine showed an "obsession with race" and regularly asked Wright "'how do Black people react to you" and "how do you think White viewers look at you?'"

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Unsurprisingly, Fox News has denied the allegations calling the claims "copycat". Wright also says he was shunned from Bill O'Reilly's The O'Reilly Factor after being told his stories on the black community "showed Blacks in "too positive" a light". Someone did, and you could nearly hear a very painful snapping sound as the heads of the three Murdoch men (Rupert, Lachlan and especially James) came to attention at the latest legal claim from a former staffer and alleged victim of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly.

"We will vigorously defend these cases", a spokesperson said.

In a statement, a Fox rep said the channel and company brass "vehemently deny the race discrimination claims in both lawsuits".

In their claim, Brown and Wright detail a litany of Slater's alleged racist behavior, like inquiring if all three of Wright's children were fathered by the same man, telling Wright that she had "too much afro" and needed to comb it before work, and asking both women if they knew how to beat box, and if so, to perform for her.

A spokesman for O'Reilly, who is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, declined to comment. Burtsein is also the lawyer who revealed in an open court during Tantaros' earlier action in NY that the US Justice Department was starting to interview witnesses in its investigation of Fox and 21st Century Fox.

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Wright said he's heard all the arguments against working at Fox News, but countered that he has "the right to work there or anywhere in this country, not because of the color of my skin, but certainly because of the content of my character".