Amazon Has a New Echo That Tells You If Your Outfit Sucks


You can use the device to take full-length photos, and you can use the companion app (called Echo Look, rather than the Alexa app) to check yourself out.

Amazon's newest version of its Echo smart-home device, the Look, boasts a built-in video camera that can capture your outfits and provide fashion recommendations.

It also features a "Style Check" service that it says "combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists".

The new device is available by invite only to USA customers.

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On top of the style uses, Echo Look appears to have all the capabilities of Amazon's original Echo, which means it can do almost anything Alexa can do.

The Echo Look is priced at $199.99 and can be purchased by invitation.

"I think there would be some concerns to a large piece of the public" regarding an always-on device that could be recording video, said Mark Elfenbein, chief revenue officer at artificial intelligence firm Sentient Technologies, which works with retailers to personalize their e-commerce sites.

Amazon describes the $200 Look as a hands-free camera and style assistant. Amazon says the outfit ratings are based on fit, color, style and current trends.

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Alexa, do these trousers make me look fat? But be advised that the photos are also stored in the AWS cloud until you manually delete them, an Amazon representative told Motherboard. The camera can also record videos for a better glimpse of an outfit's view from every angle.

Otherwise, the Look functions just like the standard Echo and Echo Dot.

The Look's depth-sensing camera blurs out the background of the image, focusing on you and the clothes you're wearing.

The Look isn't just a fashion guru: like other Alexa-powered devices, it can tap the full power of the thousands of Alexa "skills" to do everything from order a Starbucks latte to check the traffic on your commute, all via voice commands.

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And yet, it is hard to see how the device does much to help Amazon on this front, because its functionality would seem to appeal to such a narrow slice of women.