Unexploded Second World War bomb found in Thames ahead of Boat Race


Police said they were working with the organisers of the boat race, but the races are now expected to go ahead as planned.

The 163rd Boat Race takes place on Sunday 2 April, switching from its usual Saturday afternoon slot two years ago.

Cambridge women are also in the lead against Oxford, with 41 wins to 30.

"Eventually it is envisaged that Peterborough University will contribute members of the crew if they are of a high enough standard".

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This Boat Race trend started in the year 1829 and since then has become a battle of not only rowing across the river Thames but it is much more than just a race it has become a battle of generations, a battle of courage, valor and a battle of the two most sophisticated class of the men that ever existed!

The race between two of the world's most famous universities marks the start of the so-called English season of typically British social and sporting events that take place during the spring and summer each year and include the Chelsea Flower Show, the tennis at Wimbledon and horse racing at Royal Ascot.

Meanwhile, race director Michelle Dite told the BBC on Saturday: "At this stage the races will go ahead as planned".

What is the history of this race?

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Cambridge's men will be defending the title they won past year while the women's team will be hoping for better fortune after their boat nearly sank 12 months ago and Oxford cruised to victory.

The course covers a 4.2 mile stretch of the Thames in West London, from Putney to Mortlake.

What is the race route for the Boat Race 2017?

Well like always I am hoping that mighty rowers from Cambridge University will win this year as well and give the Oxford University a good taste of their medicine.

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