Trump talks with China's president, says US will honor 'one China' policy


In tweets since his election win, Trump has questioned the One-China policy which acknowledges China and Taiwan are part of the one country - and is seen as a no-go area by Beijing.

President Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday night that he will honor the "One China" policy that recognizes Beijing as the only legitimate Chinese government. The letter was hand delivered by Mike Flynn: "As a gesture of conciliation, Flynn and his deputy, K.T. McFarland, hand-delivered the letter to China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai".

After the switch, the US passed theTaiwan Relations Act, which pledges support, but not diplomatic ties, to the Taiwanese people.

The phone call to Xi came a day after Trump sent a letter wishing China a "prosperous Year of the Rooster" - which was sent 11 days after China celebrated its Lunar New Year festival.

Xi "praised" Trump's affirmation of the "One China Policy" - the issue that triggered tensions between the two countries in the past two months.

Before his inauguration, Mr. Trump had rattled Beijing by taking a phone call from Taiwan's leader Tsai Ing-wen, prompting China to lodge an official complaint.

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What surprised the global media is the fact that Trump became the first president-elect or president after 1979 to have talked to Taiwan's leader and that too in an informal manner.

In addition to Taiwan, Trump also ruffled feathers in China by threatening trade sanctions and accusing the communist country of manipulating its currency.

"We urge the USA side to take a responsible attitude, stop making wrong remarks on the issue involving the Diaoyu islands' sovereignty, and avoid making the issue more complicated and bringing instability to the regional situation", he said. No U.S. president or president-elect is believed to have spoken directly with a Taiwanese leader since the U.S. recognized the mainland government and cut ties with Taiwan in 1979.

"Everything is under negotiation, including 'one China, '" hetold the Wall Street Journal.

Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan's president, met with senator Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, as she stopped off in the United States on a trip to Central America on Sunday.

China will work with the U.S. to enhance communication and cooperation so that bilateral ties can advance in a sound and stable manner and yield more fruits to benefit the two peoples and people of all countries, Xi said.

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A statement was also released by the Chinese government in which it referred to the United States and China as "cooperative partners".

Mr. Trump's move comes at a time of uncertainty in U.S.

Economic analysts have cautioned that a testy U.S. -China relations during his confirmation hearings.

Trump has criticized China for its "unfair" trade practices and has threatened to impose a high blanket tariff on Chinese goods.

That kind of move would likely infuriate Beijing, which could retaliate with similar fees on US -made goods, igniting a trade war across the Pacific Ocean. "One hopes that what this understanding has achieved is to enable the USA and China to head off a major crisis". Sustained economic shrinkage could mean recessions for both nations.

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